Jeri Ward is an active volunteer, advocate, social worker, counselor, and Autism specialist. She resides in Dayton, Ohio, with her husband, Dean, and their cat, Snickers. When Jeri isn’t working or volunteering, she is cheering on her husband on the soccer field as a coach’s wife. Fun fact: Jeri is the legal guardian of 42 children! 

Jeri is an avid volunteer in her community, working closely with agencies to provide services to families in need of parenting courses and mental health services, as well as community outreach services. She was crowned Mrs. Ohio America 2018 in April promoting her platform of combatting opioid addiction.

Since 2015, Jeri has worked closely with homeless shelters and agencies in the area to provide the homeless with job and skill training, mock interviews, and business attire, to prepare them for the workforce.

In 2016, Jeri created an Autism program to assist in providing children who are on the spectrum the opportunity to learn school readiness skills and behavior management skills. These weekly classes focused on providing families with the tools they need to ensure success in the child’s public classroom setting. 

Currently, Jeri works for the state of Ohio in assisting families with reunification services to strengthen the families of Ohio, and ensure children’s safety. Jeri regularly acts as an advocate for children and individuals with disabilities in the abuse and neglect court system. Jeri actively participates in legislative change, revising policy to better assist people suffering from the opioid epidemic that is sweeping the nation. 

Based upon Jeri’s career path and philanthropic interests, it’s no shock that with more than 20 years of experience in the pageant industry, Jeri’s platform is that of working to strengthen families across America. Jeri is working closely with families to teach parents how to break the generational cycles of poverty and abuse. Her goal is to assist parents in reaching their best potential by breaking barriers, and ensuring less children are born into abusive households. Jeri believes in the power and importance of the family unit.