Are You Standing in Your Own Sunshine?


     I read a quote once that said, "Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine".  What this quote says to me is that we CREATE a lot of our own darkness. This can be caused by the way we handle failures, disappointment or fear, the way we respond to other's actions, or the way we deal with day to day issues.  The great news is that in knowing this, we can CHOOSE to move out of our own way so that we can feel the warmth and glow of the sun!

     My point is, I don't want you to let today's (or yesterday's!) disappointment cast a shadow on tomorrow's dream. I'm sure I have shared with you how I competed many times before I became Mrs. Ohio America 2013. What if I would have let the disappointment of not winning my first year keep me from working towards my goal and fulfilling my dream? What if I decided instead to sit back, pick myself apart, feel sad believing the judges made the wrong choice, get angry, tell myself I don't have what it takes, and then make up my mind to never go back? Well, I can tell you, you would not be reading my blog post for one thing! Second, I would have missed out on one of the greatest opportunities and blessings of my opportunity that has increased my confidence by ten-fold, helped me identify exactly what I am made of, and brought some of the most amazing, smart, beautiful, funny, and supportive women I have ever met into my life! 

     As we gear up for pageant season, I know there are some of you out there who are still on the fence. Maybe you competed before, and left disappointed. Maybe you have never competed and are afraid to take the chance. Or maybe, you have made the decision to compete and just need some words of encouragement. So, I am telling you, get out of your own sunshine! Here are some tips I hope will help you in some way: 

  •  Do everything based on your own values and principles, and what you believe in. Don't try to be last year's queen....she is already doing it! Make your own mark, Leave your own fingerprint. Decide to show the judges what YOU have to contribute to the program.
  • Define success on your own terms. Does success HAVE to be winning the crown? Of course we all want it... but remember that your success may be fitting into an evening gown after recently having a baby, or putting on a swimsuit for the first time after losing 40 pounds. Maybe your success is simply stepping out of your comfort zone and getting up on the stage!
  • Find the value in failure! What did you learn from it? How did it change you? How can you grow? 
  • Act on what you learned. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. If you have competed before, use the feedback you received from the judges to improve. Remember that their decision is nothing personal. Different judges, different day=different results!
  •  STAY POSITIVE! A good attitude goes a long way.

Ladies, the Mrs. Ohio America pageant is 2 months away. This year is our 40th anniversary and it is going to be an EPIC adventure that you do not want to miss! To make things a little sweeter, if you submit your application and entry fee in April, not only will you receive your complimentary phone appointment with director, Emily Stark, but you will receive a thirty minute phone consultation and one hour of personal coaching with me for FREE!

I'm so excited to see where this journey takes you! 

Hugs and Best Wishes, 

Teri Grothaus, Mrs. Ohio America 2013